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Car seat layout

Seats are a must in a car. Today, we will review the layout of car seats one by one, and talk about this place that we sit every day, but may not pay much attention to.

Seat layout refers to the combination of seats in the vehicle. According to the number of seats, it can be divided into 1 seat, 2 seats, 2+2 seats, 2+3 seats, 3+3 seats, 2+2+2 seats , 2+2+3 seats, 2+3+2 seats, count, there are 8 different forms. Different types of vehicles will choose the corresponding layout form.

1 seat form

One version, of course, is standard for racing cars!


2 seat form

The 2-seat form is common in two-door models, and the two-seat form in a row is mostly a sports car or a truck, and there are also small scooters.


Two-row two-seat type (small scooter), based on this type of layout, the rear seat may have very little space and poor comfort;


3 seat form

The three-seat form either seeks extreme comfort or performance.
Volvo's president-level luxury rear row has a three-seat layout and cancels the co-pilot seat to create a luxurious feeling of "first class".


2+2 seat form

2+2 seats are common in sports cars or luxury cars.


2+3 seat form

The 2+3-seat form is the most common, and 5-seat models such as sedans and SUVs are all in this layout.


3+3 seat form

There are very few seat layouts on the market, mainly MPV models, to meet a variety of needs, the passenger compartment provides 6 passengers (3 in the front, 3 in the rear) and luggage space, the space is large, and each independent.


2+2+2 seat form

The 2+2+2-seat layout is a 6-seat model. As a seat layout that has attracted attention in recent years, it has one more seating position than a 5-seat model, and is also more favorable for annual inspections than a 7-seat model (6-seat and The following small passenger cars can be exempted from online for the first 6 years. Note: If you have a traffic accident, you will not enjoy it, and you still need to go to the DMV every 2 years to get an annual review sticker, but you do not need to go online for inspection).


2+2+3 seat form

2+2+3 seats are used in 7-seat MPV and 7-seat SUV models. Generally speaking, the 2+2+3 seat layout is more suitable for business needs. It does not load too many materials, and pursues comfort and convenience. For example, high-end MPVs such as Mercedes-Benz V-Class, Odyssey, and Buick GL8 are all laid out in this way. But for family travel, it is generally a family of three. If you add four elderly people on both sides, a family of seven travels. At this time, the 2+2+3 seat layout is a bit awkward, and three people sit in the third row. , If there is a lot of luggage, people in the third row have to squeeze together with the luggage, and the comfort is not good.


2+3+2 seat form

When traveling as a family, whether it is a family of three or a family of seven, the advantages of its use are very obvious. This seating arrangement can comfortably seat five occupants under standard conditions, and the rear seats can be folded down whenever more luggage storage space is needed. I believe that family consumers who choose the 2+3+2 seat layout may be more interested in practicality.


2+2+2+3, subversive 9-seat form



Post time: Jun-28-2022