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Factory Direct Price Car Accessories Swivel Seat Mechanism China Swivel Mechanism For Car Seat

Short Description:

Product name: Car Seat Swivel Mechanism

Type: Seat Parts

Material: Steel

Size: 330*320*62mm


Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China

Model Number: CJ620

Lead Time:




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Product Detail

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1. Usage Scenarios

The car seat turntable refers to the turntable installed under the seat cushion in the car seat. The turntable is used to adjust the rotating seat, which can make the seat rotate 360°. The car seat with the turntable is used in today's luxury cars or commercial vehicles. On the one hand, the seat can be rotated and adjusted to welcome and face the guests. On the other hand, the front row personnel can rotate to the back row to facilitate communication with the rear row personnel.

2. Parameter Details

Swivel Seat Mechanism-7
Swivel Seat Mechanism-8

3. Product Technical Standards

Serial Number
Adjust the gear
0° and 180°
Manual turntable unlocking force
Manual turntable rotation torque


4. Production Process

Swivel Seat Mechanism-9

5. Quality Assurance

Swivel Seat Mechanism-10

6. Certificate


7. Contact Information

Ningbo Chunji Import And Export Trade Co., Ltd.

Phone: 150 5806 6299

Email: yama@nbchunji.com

Address: No.11, Moganshan Road, Xinqi Street, Beilun District, Ningbo City, Zhejiang

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