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Best Quality Car Accessories Manual Seats Recliner Mechanism For Seat Back

Short Description:

Product name: Car Seat Manual Recliner

Type: Seat Parts

Material: Steel

Size: overall size 83*15mm

Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China

Model Number: CJRB

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1. Usage Scenarios

The utility model relates to a device mounted on an automobile seat for discontinuously adjusting the Angle of the backrest of the automobile seat. It is characterized by the handle or lever to control the locking or unlocking of the device to achieve the non-continuous adjustment of the Angle of the car seat back. The recovery of the car seat back is usually achieved by the recovery force provided by the spring. A device that realizes the continuous adjustment of the Angle of the backrest of an automobile seat through a handwheel or motor drive

2. Parameter Details

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3. Product Technical Standards

productCJRB core part
overall sizeΦ83×15mm
static strengthsingle≥2200N.m (forward and backward)
adjusting range100.6°
folding range79.4°
handle operation30°±3°
angular to release13.4°(in theory)
rear crash95%dummy,14~21g(ECE)
operating torque3.25+/-0.5Nm(full open);2.5+/-0.5Nm(critical release angle position)
clearanceWith load ±147N on 500mm to rotation center, free play ≤ 1mm.
temperatureHigh temp 80℃,Low temp-40 ℃
fatigue test500N.m,25000次cycles
durability test10000 cycles
Tooth skippingWhen rearward speed no more than 200º/S, locked in first tooth. (NDS standard)

4. Production Process


5. Quality Assurance


6. Certificate


7. Contact Information

Ningbo Chunji Import And Export Trade Co., Ltd.

Phone: 150 5806 6299 

Email: yama@nbchunji.com 

Address: No.11, Moganshan Road, Xinqi Street, Beilun District, Ningbo City, Zhejiang

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