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    CJ Design

    Independent design
    Autonomous manufacturing
    Hold patent
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    CJ Customization

    Support customization
    Efficient prototype manufacturing
    As fast as 3 days
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    CJ Manufacturing

    Own factory
    Ensure quality
    Timely delivery
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    CJ Customer

    Global Modification Market
    Part of the auto parts market
    A few furniture market



  • Our products are mainly the mechanism parts and safety parts on the seat, including the slide rails for the front and rear adjustment of the seat, the angle adjuster for the seat back adjustment, the turntable for the seat rotation, the seat used to relax and support the passengers' legs and feet. Leg rest.

  • These motion structures can bring convenience and comfort to passengers, and can also adjust the posture of the seat in various scenarios.

  • Now our products are widely used in the rear row of 5 high-end SUVs, the middle rear row of 7 mid-to-high-end MPVs, and the 9-seat high-end commercial China-Brazil business space, realizing mobile business environment and family collective travel scenarios. At present, the annual production and sales of 80,000 seat accessories.

  • It is suitable for electric home theater massage luxury mechanism single seat reclining leather sofa, which is different from traditional sofas in that it can meet the needs of people when they are taking a nap, and the angle of the backrest can be adjusted to make the body in the best relaxed state; the bottom can also extend the leg support , release your feet, relieve leg fatigue, and experience zero gravity.

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